A return to form

September 14, 2020


“A return to a true philanthropic model” — that’s the phrase that Jasmonn Coleman, ’98, used to characterize a recent change in the Athletic Division’s approach to fundraising.

At the start of the new fiscal year in July, athletics rebranded the Spider Club as the Spider Athletic Fund. The new name signals a focus on creating opportunities and providing resources for student-athletes to excel in academics and athletics. Benefits associated with the previous Spider Club, such as preferred tickets, parking, tailgating, and hospitality, will now be managed by the ticket office.

For longtime supporters, the new name will have a ring of familiarity. Athletics used the name “Spider Athletic Fund” for fundraising before the creation of Spider Club.

“We really wanted to return to a name that our loyal fans are already familiar with,” Coleman, associate athletic director for development, said.

Chris Schaefer, who oversees annual giving for athletics, says donors can expect to hear more about the lives of student-athletes.

“Our donors are going to see an insight into the day-to-day activities of the student-athlete, really what their donations go to support, whether it’s academics, mental health, leadership, or practices and equipment,” he said. “We want to tell that story.”