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Green commitment

Senior Sarah Murtaugh, a data visualization intern in the sustainability office, believes in the power of numbers.

“It’s a very transparent way of seeing the emissions we’re creating every year and the progress we’re making there,” she says.

UR’s numbers certainly said something to the Princeton Review, which ranked UR as a Top 50 Green College for the first time for “superb sustainability practices, a strong foundation in sustainability education, and a healthy quality of life for students on campus.”

Sustainability is a way of life at UR. Faculty, staff, and students go to the Spider Exchange to donate and pick up office supplies, clothing, kitchen tools, and more. Dining Services participates in Lean Path, a program that reduces food waste during cooking. Students can commit to sustainable living through the Green Room program. Every part of campus contributes to an overall effort toward a sustainable future.

“I think that everyone needs to put a little bit of energy toward addressing [climate change] if we are going to keep our world livable,” says Murtaugh “I really think that addressing sustainability at the University of Richmond is a great way to address the issue on a small scale.”

Rob Andrejewski, director of sustainability, agrees with Murtaugh’s commitment. “My vision for this place is that anybody who comes to campus sees possibility in doing things a little bit differently,” he says. “I just want people to see that there is a deep commitment to change.”