David Sienko, ’08

Collaboration ensured

November 4, 2023


By Amy Ogle, ’26
You get to meet so many amazing, intelligent, and hardworking people.

The economy wasn’t welcoming when David Sienko, ’08, graduated with his degree in leadership studies and economics. He also had plans to attend law school but had little idea of what area he wanted to practice. His friend, who graduated the year prior, suggested a potential solution to both issues: an internship in London through the Mountbatten Program.

While interning with Merrill Lynch International, Sienko’s exposure to the Lloyd’s of London market — believed to be the birthplace of insurance — influenced him to join its firms after law school. In the New York office of London-headquartered firm Clyde & Co., Sienko provides legal counsel during investigations and litigation into claims involving fine art and other specialty risks, often involving disputes over authenticity or ownership.

Sienko considers one of the most rewarding aspects of his career to be his interpersonal relationships. His work — which was influenced by one such relationship — involves collaborating with law enforcement, experts in the field, clients, and colleagues.

“There’s something very special in an attorney-client relationship,” Sienko said. “There’s something unique about the relationship that I have with my colleagues past and present. You get to meet so many amazing, intelligent, and hardworking people.”

These relationships are essential to his growth as a lawyer and a person. Experienced colleagues guide him, and Sienko mentors younger lawyers. Working in the same demanding environment, they also help each other maintain healthy mindsets on stressful days. Most of his work entails reading, writing, and thinking through complex problems with his teammates.

“I love being part of a team,” he said. “It gives you an opportunity to have deep, meaningful collaboration. And that’s how you sharpen your skills. That’s how you learn.”