Who's in the lake?

Westhampton Lake is a picture-perfect showpiece for the nation’s most beautiful campus (according to the Princeton Review). But it’s also something else — home to numerous fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals, plus a year-round outdoor lab for students studying ecology and related subjects. With the help of biology faculty Kristine Grayson, Jonathan Richardson, and Peter Smallwood, we compiled a representative list of permanent residents and occasional visitors.
An illustration of Westhampton Lake with Tyler Hanynes Commons and theGazebo and the background. It shows the following animals that make their homes in and near the lake: great blue heron, bald eagle, long-jawed orb weaver spider, dragonfly, snapping turtle, feral swan goose (aka triceragoose), red-eared slider turtle, river otter, bluegill fish, channel catfish, double-crested cormorant, american eel, southern two-lined salamander, muskrat, musk turtle, and aquatic ecology students
Illustration by Katie McBride