editor's note

Illustration by Gordon Schmidt
We've refreshed the print magazine with a new trim size, more alumni profiles, and larger print for class notes.

Five years ago, the print version of the magazine underwent the latest major redesign of its nearly 85-year history. Those of us on the magazine team know that a good metaphor for a big redesign is the birth of a baby. In both cases, everything suddenly changes, yet what follows is not a period of calm stasis but immediate growth and development.

We’ve noodled around with the magazine in subtle ways over the last five years, making adjustments you probably haven’t noticed. Design elements have moved around to make them more useful. New departments have debuted. Fonts have changed.

This issue, we’ve made a few bigger changes, ones I suspect are more obvious. Call it a renovation, one that responds to consistent feedback and our own experience over the past five years. For instance, plenty of people told us the publication’s size was too big, and it felt pretty floppy to us, too. The new version is narrower by a bit and shorter by a bit more.

Likewise, I hope you will also be struck by what we’ve added. The publication’s new size frees up enough in printing costs to add 16 pages for now and the foreseeable future. We’ve dedicated half of these new pages to class notes (which don't appear online) to give them more room to breathe. The additional pages also free up space to add profiles of a broad cross section of alumni every issue. These profiles are distributed throughout the class notes going forward, and you can read them online. (And we welcome your ideas about whom to feature; email us at classnotes@richmond.edu.) But truth be told, I've been, to use a newspaper expression, “burying the lede”: The text of the class notes in the print issue is bigger this issue, too.

All of us who work on the magazine know that we are privileged to be stewards of a publication that belongs to you, dear reader. We hope to keep hearing from you as we share Richmond’s stories and news. Keep the class notes, story tips, and address updates coming our way.