Image courtesy WGNO
Touchdowns and toppings
New Orleans Saints running back Trey Edmunds dishes with Karen Loftus, ’06.

It’s always a plus when your passions work their way into your career, but when your favorite things are pizza and sports, we call that a double win.

Broadcast journalist Karen Loftus, ’06, did just that with her recent move to New Orleans. She pitched an original segment to her station, ABC-affiliate WGNO, called “Pizza and the Playbook,” and her producers enthusiastically agreed, paving the way for a larger presence and a creative approach to sports coverage.

“I wanted to have sit-down interviews with anyone involved in sports to get to know them outside of their jobs — off the court or field,” Loftus said. “I wanted to do something fun that would fit in our ‘News with a Twist’ show.”

Her strategic approach enables her to showcase personalities and discover whether a coach prefers pepperoni or pineapple — or both, in Loftus’ case — while exploring the NOLA restaurant scene.

From a young age, Loftus knew she wanted to pursue a career in sports. Her time in Richmond’s journalism and rhetoric and communications departments honed her print journalism skills. She wrote for The Collegian and interned at CBS6 (WTVR-TV) in Richmond, which helped her land her first job in Hagerstown, Maryland. Now she’s covering the NFL and the NBA.

Not only does “Pizza and the Playbook” show the personalities fueling the Big Easy’s sports culture, but anyone who knows Loftus knows how perfectly this path suits her.

“I get paid to talk about sports,” she said. “I can’t imagine a better career.”