Two recent University of Richmond graduates are on a mission to revolutionize the way society donates to charities by challenging the common perception of spare change as useless.

Pete Ghiorse, ’16, and Peter Tight, ’16, along with James Ghiorse, launched their GiveTide app in October. The app links to the user’s bank account and rounds up every purchase to the nearest dollar, creating a virtual pot of spare change that can be donated to U.S. nonprofit organizations with the tap of a finger.

Users can create goals for different nonprofits, invite friends to support the same causes, and set a cap on the amount that is collected each week.

“We’ve automated the boring parts and enhanced the fun parts. It reduces the barriers of giving to the bare minimum, both procedurally and financially,” Ghiorse said.

GiveTide targets the millennial generation, which they say is less wealthy but more tech-savvy.

“We’re trying to solve a problem by getting people to build a habit of giving into their lifestyle and positively reinforcing the habit,” Tight said.