When Griffin Myers, ’20, enrolled in p-chem, her professor's name was very familiar to her dad, Trevor, ’R’91. 

In 2016, when Griffin Myers, ’20, scanned her first-year fall course schedule with her father, one professor’s name jumped out: Abrash. 

Abrash is Sam Abrash, an associate professor of chemistry and environmental studies who has been teaching at Richmond since 1990. That year, on the occasion of his first lecture for his first course as a professor at UR, one of his students was Griffin’s dad, Trevor Myers, R’91.

I knew he would go out of his way to help her the same way he helped me.

Trevor was happy for the symmetry, but Griffin, well … her feelings “were mixed,” she admitted.

“I remember the first day I walked into Dr. Abrash’s office for help, he recounted that my dad got the highest score on his p-chem [physical chemistry] test that Dr. Abrash had seen to date,” she said. “I was worried I would disappoint both the professor and my father.”

Trevor, who became an anesthesiologist, saw things differently. “After all these years, he’s still here helping out my family, helping out my daughter,” he said.

Physical chemistry with Abrash was Trevor’s toughest course in his major, he said, but what he recalls most is the hours he spent in Abrash’s office.

“I remember his infinite patience with me,” he said. “I asked a lot of questions. I knew he would go out of his way to help her the same way he helped me.” The prediction proved true. 

“As I got to know Dr. Abrash, I quickly realized what an incredible resource I had,” Griffin, a biology and English major, said. “I still seek him out as an adviser.”