A thread runs through two gifts received this spring: encouraging inquiry and providing the resources to pursue it.

Two spring gifts — an estate gift and a new endowment — will encourage students who are asking life’s biggest questions and bolster Boatwright.

The Weinstein family continued its long support with a $2 million gift to establish the Weinstein-Jecklin Family Endowment: Journeys of Faith and Ethics in a Global Society. It will fund chaplaincy-led travel and other chaplaincy initiatives that expose students to questions of what it means to be human and how to encourage humanity in others, with the goal of inspiring them to live lives of purpose.

“We hope this gift will have long-term impact by addressing the existential questions: Why are we here? What is our purpose? In what ways can we repair the world as individuals and as partners with diverse groups around the globe?” said Carole Weinstein. “Our hope is that by traveling outward to learn about other cultures and inwardly to understand ourselves better, this endowment can be a force for good among Richmond students.”

Fletcher Stiers, R’48, left the university $2.2 million for Boatwright Library through his will. Stiers, who died in April 2018, was a member of the Boatwright Society and Friends of Boatwright Memorial Library and a founding member of the UR Spider Club. His gift did not come with any conditions apart from its designation for the library.

“His unrestricted gift ensures that the University of Richmond Libraries may continue to acquire, preserve, and make accessible research collections for generations to come,” said Kevin Butterfield, university librarian.