When Will Bradley, ’08, interned with WPM Real Estate Management in Baltimore following his junior year, his main responsibility was auditing lease files for lead paint compliance. Meanwhile, many of his finance-focused peers in the Robins School of Business were pursuing Wall Street opportunities.

Bradley embraced even the most mundane aspects of his summer, not knowing that they would lead to a thriving career in real estate and, eventually, a joint venture.

“My supervisor — WPM’s president — was great and would include me in meetings and on building tours to broaden my perspective,” Bradley said. “I fell in love with the industry.”

A recommendation from that supervisor led to a subsequent internship at a commercial real estate firm, Colliers Virginia, that is part of Colliers International, where Bradley is a senior vice president and principal and leads the central Virginia investment sales team.

He also serves as senior vice president and co-director of business development at WPM MidSouth, a joint venture between WPM and Bradley’s Colliers Virginia partners focused on multifamily management in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The partnership allowed WPM to expand geographically and Colliers Virginia to expand its client services.

It’s a business born largely from Bradley’s connections — dating back to his intern days.

“I created good relationships with the management team [at WPM],” Bradley said. “I knew the culture and the people would be a great fit.”

Judging by how his career has transpired, Bradley knows he’s in the right line of work.

“I find the tangible aspect of [real estate] very intriguing,” he said. “It’s like a puzzle. ... It’s connecting the dots and bringing value to your clients by delivering creative solutions.”