When art historian Amanda Herold-Marme, ’01, considers the arc of her career, she credits the Spanish classes she took at Richmond — even though she lives in France. Living abroad since graduation and currently residing in Paris, she is a certified French national guide specializing in Spanish art and culture — among other impressive roles on her résumé.

“I took a class on the literature of the Spanish Civil War that fascinated me to the point that all of my graduate work has involved this subject, and it still remains the focus of my research to this day,” she said.

It was a turning point that set the trajectory of her life in motion — first by studying abroad in Valencia, Spain, where she took her first art history class. That led her to master’s programs at NYU Madrid and the Sorbonne, followed by a doctorate at Sciences Po Paris.

As a guide with Paris Muse, Herold-Marme contributes to the cultural enrichment of others by conducting tours at the Louvre Museum, Musée d’Orsay, and Notre Dame, as well as through the Montmartre and Marais neighborhoods. She also works as an adjunct art history instructor at various universities and for the Julio Gonzalez Administration, an estate of a family of Spanish artists who lived and worked in Paris.

“Every work of art has a story,” Herold-Marme said. “Knowing the story allows you to crack the code of the work, so to speak, and to gain a new appreciation for it. I love the moment when someone’s eyes light up because they finally get what is so special about a work of art.”