The focus of Joe Horowitz’s music is his life. His melodies tell real-life stories, ones that have matured as he has grown older. As he enters his 40s, Horowitz, ’01, has become introspective.

“You start really taking a look at yourself,” he said. “You stop writing a song about the girl in the bar and start with the mom in the coffee shop.”

Before he became the accomplished musician he is today, Horowitz was one of the best golfers to come through Richmond and still keeps his game active. His current golf goals are to play in the U.S. and British opens; he missed the cut for the 2019 U.S. Open by one shot.

“I want to compete and stay competitive in the few events that I play in. I think it’s great from a mental capacity,” he said.

Horowitz constantly reaffirms the overlap between golf and music. In fact, it was his swing coach that put him in touch with one of the collaborators for his newest release, Save Yourself. Horowitz plays at the golf tournaments as both a golfer and a musician, something he values and hopes to continue. It gives him the opportunity, also, to play with big-name stars ranging from rapper Macklemore to former members of the Eagles. These events give Horowitz a chance to show off his skills as a musician.

“Once you get on stage with those guys and you’re singing, you’re almost automatically associated with them, and you don’t scare away the audience,” he said. “It’s brought me to the next phase in my life.”

Performing at these events keeps Horowitz on the path to his goals as a musician. Unlike making the U.S. Open, however, his goals for music are less tangible.

“My goal is to keep making music,” he said. “I want people to hear it so I can keep making music. I never want to sing to an empty room.”