Cybercriminals and adversaries threaten our way of life by attacking systems we depend on each day.

As the president of Equator, a Virginia-based government contracting company specializing in cybersecurity, Robert Woods, B’89, is committed to guarding against that threat. Woods’ wife, Karen, B’89, is the company’s chief operating officer. Clients include the Department of Defense, the Army, and NASA, which recently awarded Equator an exclusive license for cybersecurity software.

“Equator developed unique, game-changing technology to give control back to users and restore confidence in our ability to protect the data and systems we rely on,” Woods said.

Woods launched the company in 2008 after realizing he had a knack and passion for working with technical issues. Woods runs a team of nearly 100, including many former military agency leaders.

“What excites me and my team the most is solving difficult problems,” said Woods. “Our unique blend of talent, passion, and expertise allows us to focus on challenging, complex systems — both how to design them and how to protect them.”

A St. Louis native, Woods majored in business as an undergraduate. He also ran cross-country and participated in the ROTC program while at UR. Woods said he applies his UR education every day.

“The professors were teaching you practical business information that you need to succeed, and I especially enjoyed the class size and engagement,” said Woods.

Woods said he would encourage business majors today to make sure they understand the changing landscape of human resources and pay attention to the tools needed retain and take care of people.

“In business, everything is the team. I need to take care of the team,” Woods said. “This human element of business is so important.”