Before the pandemic hit, Drew Train, ’03, was being a loyal and generous alum when he showed two dozen UR marketing students around the New York City headquarters of his branding agency. Called Oberland, it partners with companies to build brands that focus on a broader social good beyond the bottom line.

“Our agency is a place where the higher purpose rules the day,” said Train, Oberland’s co-founder and president.

His willingness to host young Spiders exploring marketing careers showed his commitment to doing good for others. When the pandemic came, he showed just how deep that commitment — and the Spider connection — runs. As spring came and students’ plans were upended, the professor who led the trip reached back out to Train.

“We had over 40 students on a call with Drew,” said the faculty member, Joel Mier. “He went well over time, answering question after question, giving generously of himself.”

By the end of the session, students had Train’s contact information, and many followed up.

“I was really impressed with their hustle,” Train said. “Since the world went sideways, we hadn’t planned on an internship program this year, but we quickly decided to create an alternate experience for them.”

He created projects to give students new opportinities amid the uncertainty.

“It’s really a win-win situation,” he said.