When Faizan Chaudhry, ’17, moved to New York City after graduation for his job at Bloomberg, it wasn’t like he’d never been there before. But all of his visits had been vacations.

“When you come to New York City as a tourist, it is very different than actually living here,” he says. “So I really had to adapt.”

The move was more familiar for his classmate Yadeni Abagaro, ’17, who grew up in New Jersey and had two New York City summer internships in college before moving to the city for a position at PNC. But she understands why it can feel daunting. “It’s obviously very different from being in the suburbs of Richmond,” she said.

To help other Spiders making the move, the pair participated in a “Welcome to the City” panel hosted by alumni and career services. They offered practical advice on picking neighborhoods, building a social circle, and adjusting to the city’s rhythms. More importantly, they offered the comfort of knowing Spiders are there to offer support.

“To me, one of the most valuable parts of going to Richmond is just how tightknit and helpful of a community it is,” Abagaro says. “Everyone’s very welcoming, and I wanted to give back in the way that I felt [is] like [what] I have gotten [from] the community.”

Both say random encounters with other Spiders aren’t unusual. 

“To run into someone from college is definitely a good coincidence,” Chaudhry said.