A New Record

The steals G.O.A.T. (Greatest. Of. All. Time.)

Jacob Gilyard set the new NCAA Divison I career steals record in December and, as we went to press, was still adding to it. We won’t know until the end of the season how high his total will climb, but he’s already Division I’s only 400-steal man. What has it meant for his team? Before the season started, we crunched the data about his steals to date and turned up these gems to describe his unmatched talent.

Illustration of Jacob Gilyard with 6 arms stealing basketballs with statistics about his steals
Illustration of Jacob Gilyard with 6 arms displaying statistics about his steals

Statistics about Gilyard's steals:

The Basics

  • Average: 3.06/game
  • Most in a single game: 7 (three times)
  • NCAA Division 1 steals record: 385
  • Gilyard at the start of the season: 358

Officer, they'd like to report a crime.

his most frequent victims:

  • George Mason: 24
  • VCU: 21
  • George Washington: 20

Don't blink

he once stole the ball 3 times in 28 seconds

He's most dangerous when the spiders are winning.

steals when spiders are:

  • Behind: 37%
  • Tied: 7%
  • Ahead: 56%

He's never not dangerous.

He has stolen in every possible game minute from tipoff to 0.00, and his steals are distributed fairly evenly across them. His higest steal minute: 14-somthing to go in the second half.

He's MR. reliable.

he had one or more steals in 113 of his first 117 games played

He has a steal in 97% of his career games.

He's a pest.

Every time an opponent brings the ball up the court, there's a better than 5% chance it ends up in Gilyard's beautiful, theiving hands

His steals change games.

Four out of every 10 Gilyard steals led to Spider points within 7 seconds. These points tied the game or put the Spiders ahead 20% of the time