Behind the scenes

The driver speeding down Richmond Raceway in the video is Ally Raphael, ’25, the only teenage woman professional sports car racer in North America. The soon-to-be business major is one of three students featured in UR’s new television spot that debuted on ESPN2 during the Jan. 20 men’s basketball game.

The theme of UR’s new 30-second television spot is “What could you do at Richmond?” 

All three students — Raphael, basketball player and graduate student Matt Grace, ’22, and rugby player Jocelyn Hernandez, ’23 — show possible answers through footage combining their academic and athletic interests.

“It’s a celebration of our exceptional students,” says Megan Condict, director of multimedia in UR’s communications division. “When you come to Richmond, you have an opportunity to see how far you can go, not just in academics but as a person.”

A photograph of basketball player Matt Grace sitting on a couch while a team of photographers and videographers film him.
A photograph of basketball player Matt Grace, wearing headphones and speaking through a pop screen into a microphone, recording audio.
An overhead photograph of basketball player Matt Grace and a team of photographers and videographers. The image is shot from behind the basketball hoop looking down on the court, and it shows the hoop and the key of the basketball court.
A photo of rugby player Jocelyn Hernandez in the printmaking studio, accompanied by photographers and videographers, surrounded by lights for filming.
A photograph of sports car driver, Ally Raphael, in profile, standing in front of her BMW while being filmed by a university videographer. They are on the racetrack at Richmond International Raceway.
A photo of rugby player Jocelyn Hernandez in her rugby team shirt, on the field, flanked by videographers and lights for filming,