Coaches Jeanine Radice, Chris Mooney, and Matt Barany share strategies for student-athletes' success


More than a pep talk

It sounds like the setup for a not-promising joke: “Three coaches walk into a gym ...” At Richmond, it was the continuation of an important dialogue focused on supporting success for student-athletes.

In April, Richmond coaches, faculty, and staff gathered in the Queally Athletic Center’s Spider Hall for the second event of the Millhiser Dialogue Series. The event was a reminder of “how athletic experiences can transcend the world of sport and impact our everyday lives,” said moderator and associate athletic director Bruce Matthews.

During the event, a three-coach panel — swimming and diving coach Matt Barany, men’s basketball coach Chris Mooney, and women’s basketball assistant coach Jeanine Radice — shared strategies and tactics for pursuing success, stretching from player recruitment through competition and beyond. All three coaches echoed themes of effort, honesty, teamwork, and accountability.

Among the faculty members in attendance was Laura Thompson, assistant dean in the Robins School of Business. Coaches’ attention to “daily consistency and self-discipline highlight why student-athletes at Richmond also achieve success in our classrooms and in their future endeavors,” she said.

The Millhiser Dialogue Series is an ongoing series of moderated discussions focusing on issues at the intersection of sport and society. The dialogues promote discussion of important issues related to intercollegiate athletics.