A natural win

Heather Granato, W’92

This is the story of a girl who always wanted to be an editor, so that’s precisely what she did. Motivated and singularly focused, Heather Granato, W’92, got her journalism degree and began a 30-year-and-counting career reporting on nutraceuticals — products taken for clinical benefit but lacking FDA approval. In 2023, Granato received the United Natural Products Alliance Ignition … Liftoff Award for those contributions to the natural products industry.

The catalyst for the award was her nonprofit, Women In Nutraceuticals (WIN). “You go to a trade show, and it seems like a bunch of white men in leadership,” said Granato. “You come back the next year and have the same conversations. This year, we decided to do something about it.” WIN now has more than 450 members and more than 30 partner organizations.

“I’ve built a lot of credibility through the years,” Granato said. “And this [nonprofit] is what I wanted to spend it on. That being said, this is not ‘Heather’s organization.’ This is a group of people coming together to say, ‘We want change that will be beneficial to the industry.’” Granato serves on the board for the Organic and Natural Health Association, which focuses on regenerative agriculture and nutrition accessibility. “I’m very committed to the health and nutrition industry globally and ensuring that customers get products that are safe and efficacious.”

Granato began taking multivitamin supplements at the age of 2. “It all resonates with me on a personal level,” Granato said. “I can take what I love to do and do that in an industry that is so fascinating and personally relevant. It really makes a difference in people’s lives, and I love it.”

Granato has some exciting opportunities in front of her: “I’ve had very fulfilling roles that have allowed me to provide information in an accessible way for people who need it most. I am hopeful the next 30 years will be just as much fun as the last 30.”