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Brain waves

Open water swimmers face immense physical challenges — but the mental strength required is laced with lessons we can all learn from.
Candlelight ceremony at Westhampton Lake
101 things we love about UR

D-Hall desserts. Scholarships. Publishing with your professor. Triceragoose. We asked far and wide to compile a list of things Spiders love. Here are 101 of them, in random, not rank, order.

A photograph of Russell Nance, L'97, standing on a row of bourbon barrels, in a rickhouse full of additional bourbon barrels stacked to the ceiling. He is smiling, and wearing dark rimmed glasses, a blue t-shirt and jeans.
Lives Of Purpose
Will the real Russell Nance please stand up?
Is this alum a Manhattan attorney or a central Virginia bourbon distiller? At first glance, it looks like two Spiders with very different lives both call themselves Russell Nance, L'97. But they look alike, talk alike, and wear the same stylish glasses. What’s going on?
A collage showing the 1974 yearbook group photo of SOBA, with a warm neutral toned rainbow in the background
We weren't invisible anymore
Fifty years ago, the first generation of Black undergraduates at Richmond organized UR’s first Black History Week.

Spiders Near and Far

“The notion that a prosecutor or the state could interpret art for the purpose of proving guilt or innocence is the thing that shocked me.”

—Filmmaker Sam Widdoes, ’08, who premiered his newest documentary at the Sundance Film Festival

Sean Bode, ’05
Courageously vulnerable
Lt. Col. Sean Bode, ’05, works to enhance the holistic well-being of service members, drawing from his personal experiences to guide others.
Heather Granato, W’92
A natural win
“I am hopeful the next 30 years will be just as much fun as the last 30,” says Heather Granato, W’92, whose journalism career focuses on health and nutrition.


Campus News

United Nations building in New York City
Academic Excellence
New journal launches
Domestic and global affairs are the focus of a new student-launched academic journal.
The Fightin' Spiders of Richmond music score
Golden oldie
Where do Spider fight songs come from? Some original sheet music turned up in the music library that sent a UR researcher down a rabbit hole.

A rendering of the plan for the burying ground
Burying ground
Trustees have approved “the creation of a permanent memorial to honor the enslaved persons burying ground on a parcel of land that became our current campus.”


Quentin Southall, a young man with curly black hair, sits a table painting a pair of high-top sneakers with an image of Tyler Haynes Commons and Westhampton Lake. His basketball jersey hangs in the background.
Lives Of Purpose
The shoe fits
The shoe fits, and it’s beautiful. The art of Quentin Southall, ’24.
From The Archives
How to fail spectacularly
To lose as badly as the mid-1970s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, be prepared to go cheap or go home. In a 2016 book, Jason Vuic, G'97, chronicled the hilarious misadventures of one of the NFL’s most disastrous teams ever.

More to Explore

Science of sport
Christine Helms, associate professor of physics at the University of Richmond, unpacks the perfect dive using science as demonstrated by diver Sally Harrington, ’26.