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Love, eventually

A kiss in the gazebo between Scott Hurd, B’89, and Diane Kraynak, W’89, was 25 years in the making.
Brain waves
Open water swimmers face immense physical challenges — but the mental strength required is laced with lessons we can all learn from.
Candlelight ceremony at Westhampton Lake
101 things we love about UR

D-Hall desserts. Scholarships. Publishing with your professor. Triceragoose. We asked far and wide to compile a list of things Spiders love. Here are 101 of them, in random, not rank, order.

Flashback: "Because of my brother"
On June 7 and 8, Special Olympics Virginia returns to campus. UR has hosted the games for nearly 40 years. Here's a look back at our coverage from 2016.

Spiders Near and Far

“I already had all the music [from Hamilton] learned. The challenge was learning the lyrics in Korean.”

—Eden Kim, ’21

Tyler Hart, ’01
Unforgettable emcee
Tyler Hart, ’01, used to hype Spider crowds during basketball games. Today, he brings that energy to elementary students as a Houston-area school principal.
Madeleine Bright, ’19
Public Service
In blue skies or gray
Madeleine Bright, ’19, specializes in helping people on their worst days as part of FEMA’s Interagency Recovery Coordination team.


Campus News

The Fightin' Spiders of Richmond music score
Golden oldie
Where do Spider fight songs come from? Some original sheet music turned up in the music library that sent a UR researcher down a rabbit hole.


Ukrainian Vladimir Yashchenko is lifted in the air by fellow athletes after setting a new world record in the high jump of 7 feet, 7.75 inches, in 1977 at the University of Richmond's track
Back Then
How high can you go?
When a Soviet high jumper broke a world record on campus in 1977, he also challenged the technique dominating his sport.
From The Archives
How to fail spectacularly
To lose as badly as the mid-1970s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, be prepared to go cheap or go home. In a 2016 book, Jason Vuic, G'97, chronicled the hilarious misadventures of one of the NFL’s most disastrous teams ever.

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Commencement 2024
Prepare to be inspired. When graduating senior Kerry-Ann Ratidzo Moyo finished her commencement remarks, her classmates rose to their feet for a well-earned standing ovation.