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Old photo of 3 men looking at a bank of computer monitors.
A study in catastrophe

Sixty years later, two alumni reflect on their memories of the Kennedy assassination — as seen from Richmond’s CBS newsroom.

A collage showing the 1974 yearbook group photo of SOBA, with a warm neutral toned rainbow in the background
November 7, 2023
We weren't invisible anymore
Fifty years ago, the first generation of Black undergraduates at Richmond organized UR’s first Black History Week.
A photo of a woman wearing headphones studying with a book and a laptop in the law school
November 4, 2023
Curriculum Vitae
100 years of women at Richmond Law
A century after Jane Brown Ranson became Richmond’s first female law graduate, another alumna is at the heart of a milestone.
An illustration of Westhampton Lake with Tyler Hanynes Commons and theGazebo and the background. It shows the following animals that make their homes in and near the lake: great blue heron, bald eagle, long-jawed orb weaver spider, dragonfly, snapping turtle, feral swan goose (aka triceragoose), red-eared slider turtle, river otter, bluegill fish, channel catfish, double-crested cormorant, american eel, southern two-lined salamander, muskrat, musk turtle, and aquatic ecology students
November 2, 2023
Who's in the lake?
A look at some of the permanent residents and occasional visitors at Westhampton Lake
Christy Coleman Kirk, ’98, running in the 2023 Boston Marathon
November 16, 2023
Back on track
A sudden stroke caused by an undiagnosed congenital heart defect changed this marathoner's life.
Women's basketball coach Aaron Roussell talks to players during a practice
October 31, 2023
Season Preview
Sights are elevated
Women’s basketball looks to continue its upswing as coach Aaron Roussell enters his fifth season. Last year, the team got its first post-season win in almost a decade.
A wood-block style illustration of a volcano
November 3, 2023
Living near the fire
Five hundred million people worldwide have active volcanoes as neighbors. Geology professor David Kitchen explores the reasons.
Kristin Finkelstein, ’07, and Maya Ammons, ’06, founders of ShareBaby in their warehouse
November 6, 2023
Diaper dilemma
Not every family can afford diapers for their newborn. Two alumni united to found a Baltimore diaper bank that serves more than 15,000 children.
A photo depicting a crowd of students dancing and watching a music performance in front of Richmond Hall.
November 2, 2023
Something Old, Something New
5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
These photos show how longtime and emerging traditions are connecting generations of Spiders in old and new ways.


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