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A grid of photos depicting the Weinstein International Center courtyard with students, Tyler Haynes Commons at night with illuminated banners reflecting in the lake, two women and small children at an alumni event, Linda Hobgood teaching a class, and the lake and gazebo.
July 3, 2023
Strategic Plan
Our next move
The university’s new strategic plan heightens UR’s distinctive strengths and embraces UR’s most promising opportunities.
A collage of seven students, comprised of black and white photos of the students, surrounded by elements from each of their symposium projects.
July 5, 2023
Curriculum Vitae
7 Spiders step into their futures
More than 300 remarkable students presented at this year's symposiums. We asked seven of the seniors — now alumni — to look back on their Richmond experience.
Luiza Cocito, ’23
July 5, 2023
This Spider's story
Just before graduation, Luiza Cocito, ’23, stopped by to tell her Richmond story. It’s a good one.
An illustration of alumnus Watson Mills, done in a realistic comic style. He is standing in front of a world map, and is saying
July 5, 2023
The best-traveled Spider ever?
Meet Watson Mills, R'61, likely the world’s best-traveled Spider. He has traveled to 174 of the UN’s 193 member countries.
Lauren Portee, ’17
July 4, 2023
On the road (with mom)
Lauren Portee, ’17, is traveling acros the mid-Atlantic for a new PBS travel show — and her co-host is her mom. They're having a blast together. 
The women's and men's lacrosse teams celebrating their A10 championship wins
July 5, 2023
One weekend, two champions
Richmond’s lacrosse teams are riding high after both earned NCAA bids this season. The Spider women's team capped its season with the program’s first NCAA tournament win.
The Warchol family at home with Ukrainian friends Iryna and Olena Litvinova
July 1, 2023
A kindness repaid
Life came full circle for returned Peace Corps volunteer Michael Warchol when he welcomed members of his Ukrainian host family into his home.
An illustration of a student sitting cross-legged in a meditative position, holding a muffin in one hand and a coffee in the other. Behind her, there are library shelves with a forest growing from them.
July 3, 2023
A love letter to the stacks
“‘I find peace in Boatwright Memorial Library’ is a sentence I never thought I would utter aloud,” writes Sophia Demerath, ’26.
Rainbow appears above Boatwright Library
July 2, 2023
Big gift for learning
In March, the university announced a $25 million gift that will create the Carole and Marcus Weinstein Learning Center in Boatwright Memorial Library.


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